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here are some of my DA friends (in no specific order) :

:iconchrome933: (chrome) : a good friend and really fun to rp with :D

:iconzalehard13: she's epic, funny, fun to have conversations with and a very good friend.

:icongrayfoxninja: he's an awesome guy :D

:iconshadowxrose333: a very friendly, awesome person :D :D

:iconsonar15: another epic user :D

:iconsarasaland-dragon: an epic person from the UK :D just like meeee :D shares an interest in cool spot and some other things.

:iconplayingames6: random at times, but a good person to talk to.

:iconsammychan816: AWESOME, amazing, very artistic and a very good friend.

:iconspicypepper445: A very nice person :D



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i personally loved it
i thought it was hilarious and very well animated :D
  • Listening to: youtube videos
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  • Watching: this screen....
  • Playing: youtube videos of recent (and this has been happening a fair lot) i've been struggling wiht ideas for pics and artwork in general
i mean i'm not completely idea-less as i do have a few ideas which i will list down below...but another thing is noticable for me...
DeviantArt is a website i visit alot...pretty much every day...and yet it feels to quiet for me...not much going on in talk wise (with the excception of an rp that i'm doing with Chrome933 just to see if i can get bakc into the swing of rp's) how is everyone? anytihng goin' on in your areas?

okay wiht that, i mentioned above that i'm not completely are some possible ideas i've considered:

1) there's been a character i've often wanted to draw...but never seem to eb able to push myself to doing fact there's an entry aobut  I have done this idea. (^.^)

2) i saw Eldritch-Shambler's new character pronoe (another lovely lookin meran lady) ...i'm wondering if i could draw her...but at the samje time i'd need ideas on what to draw her doing (also i'd consider draiwng pixxi the majin again...but smae issue as just mentioned)

3) recently got all the current mad max films (which arer pretty dame aweosme...well..thunderdome is crappy...watchable but the weakest of the films) and i've wondered if i should draw dett iin some mad max styled outfit etc.

:new: 17th april 2016 4) for the first time i checked out some episdoes of steven universe (season one as i'm new to the franchise....and i've got a loong way to go) and am considering on draiwng one of the main crystal gems (and steven)...or all of them if i can't make a singular decision

ey' this is the :new: update!
idea 5) - a good few years ago i saw these two epic pic's by Limpurtikles Genderbent Beauty and the Beast by Limpurtikles +  Catching the Beast by Limpurtikles and now i feel tempted to draw the fem-beast/beastette as she looks kind-a cute

sooo...thats were i am at this point...
any feedback on my ideas is welcome.
suggetions are welcome aswell.

thanks for readin'
Classic Game Heroes - Gabe Logan and Lian Xing by spyaroundhere35
Classic Game Heroes - Gabe Logan and Lian Xing
another new picture from me, HUZZAH!! Now we have the descriptive and explanation part of the description:

recently i re-played a trio of games i used to suck at when i was younger....these games were the first three syphon filter games for the playstaiton one.
not only did i play them all, but i finally beat them all, an achievement in my books.

now i love these games some much that i wanted to do a picture of some of the characters...or at least the main two...big problem though...they're human characters...sometihng i kind-a suck at
but i wanted to do this sooo much that i decided to chance it and give an attempt at drawing two ecpi characters.

here we have Gabriel "Gabe" Logan on the left and Lian Xing on the right.
These two are the main characters of the series and i've tried my best to draw them.


picture (c) me
Syphon Filter (c) Sony computer entertainment
Dett Carmine and Tomoe Ame by spyaroundhere35
Dett Carmine and Tomoe Ame
well i finally accomplished something that i've wanted to do for a while
i have finally done a pic with Tomoe Ame (a character from the Usagi Yojimbo series)

this picture also showcases a few other things:
- dett's hair
now more styled like Vegeta's for ease
- Machete
just a test to see if the machete looks better than the kukri
- Spas 12 shotgun
no real significance other than a new weapon to draw and the first time i've ever done so


Dett + picture (c) me
Tomoe Ame (c) Stan Sakai [the creator and writer]
OC - Major Toshanya Ryuna - freedom commando by spyaroundhere35
OC - Major Toshanya Ryuna - freedom commando
:new: 7th april 2016 - tweaked weapons bio part...and am happy with current result making this one a more deifnate/completed bio

a better picture of my newest character
on the left is her in her full major uniform
on the right is her in a combat suit (she tends to wear this under her uniform)

Name: Ryuna Toshanya (or Toshanya Ryuna) [prononced: Tosh-ah-nyah Ree-you-nah]

Nicknames:  - Major
- Tosh (by dett)
- Ryuna (sometimes by dett....but mostly form people close to her)

nationality: American/Japanese (born form an american parent but had a japenese-esque upbringing)

Occupation: Freedom Commando - Major
* takes on missions/orders and trains rookie level commando recruits

Family: --- INFO CLASSIFIED ---

Skills: - Freedom Commando CQC and intense survival training - Mastered
- Weapon mastery (can weild nearly any weapon in existance*)
- marksman (well....markswoman, is NOT a perfect shot...but can make her mark most of the time)
- Harsh-environment training (to live off of the land and endure incredibly harsh environments of sorts)
- Vehicle mastery (can pretty much pilot/drive any vehicle)
- copes with lack of depth perception (a skill in it's own as she has to cope with one workign eye)
- strength/physical form (she has worked out and trained alot, her body isn in a great physical form)
- Suprisingly good with rifles (suprising as she is missing an eye and struggles a bit wiht depth judgement)

Weapons: - Bare fists/Freedom Commando CQC
- Glock 18 - semi auto + full automatic modes - large clip
- Beretta [for back up]
- K-bar knife [used to belong to the person who coated it with poison and wrecked her eye with it]
- Franchi S.P.A.S 12 shotgun
**the listed weapons above are her personal preference and most used weapons**
- sometimes carries a rifle of sorts

disadvantages: - Struggles with depth perception at times (she has one eye)
- strict/cold-ish personality (she can be a bit harsh and strict...but if she likes you, she may show off more of her caring side)
- limited weaponry (altohugh she can weild most weapons...she can only carry a few with her)
- lone wolf (usually prefers to work alone, but will work with others if needed)

Theme: Theme of Super Vegetto/Vegito - Dragon Ball GT Final Bout

She was born in the American areas of Mobius but was moved and raised up somewhere in the Japanese areas [specific locations unknown and classified]. Whilst living there an incident occurred, a thug with a poison-tipped dagger broke into her building and held the young Toshanya as a hostage...her parents had saved her...but at a cost. The blade cut across her right-eye and the poison began to attack her body...she was rushed to hospital and given the antidote...but the toxins in the poison had ruined her right eye, she would never see out of it again and now bore a large scar that covers the majority of her right eye.
Toshanya struggled to cope with her lack of depth perception, and was often mocked by fellow youngsters because of it, which had upset her and often caused her to feel partial moments of depression...but she then decided that she would have to become tougher and train her body to try and cope with this new problem in her life. She would work out at home, gyms and pretty much anyplace she could.

After several years of training her body was in great physical form AND she had learnt to cope and compensate for her sight/depth issues, with these new changes she had earned she decided to put them to use somewhere…but couldn't find any areas that interested her in the current area she lived in...So she packed her things, was given an eye-patch by her parents as they knew she couldn’t stand the look of her scarred eye, and bid her parents farewell. She left in search of an area she felt not only interest her but also suit her new found skills and eventually discovered a military-themed organisation known as the Freedom Commando unit, believing that this was the area that would best benefit form her skills she quickly enrolled as soon as she could. 

Showing incredible skills she gained a lot of recognition and almost sped her way through some of the ranking promotions becoming a major. Toshanya's promotion also meant new tasks and responsibilities, one of them being in charge of training the next batch of "would-be freedom commandos" was in this batch that she met a y
oung hedgehog who showed great potential and high chances to become a major like herself.
This hedgehog was known as Detonator Carmine, a son of two Freedom-commando's that were well known in the unit...tis hedgehog knew of his parents "legacy" and constantly demands that he be judges as himself and not like his parents, a request that Toshanya acknowledged.

She favoured this hedgehog out of all the others she had trained because, in her opinion, he was the best she had ever trained.

Toshanya had become attached to this batch, and one certain soldier in the batch, as was officially put in charge of them...but would one day have to kick out the very soldier she favoured.
Detonator was ordered to bring in a sniper, responsible for the deaths of the soldiers sent on a certain mission, for interrogation...he had brutally pummelled the sniper to death due to feeling intense rage and sadness as he was in love with someone in the very unit that this sniper had killed, igniting the fury that ended him.
Toshanya pleaded, and almost begged, to her superiors that she didn't want this soldier kicked out...but unfortunately her pleas were rejected and she was ordered personally to boot him form the commando unit.
Some of her fellow majors, and even her superiors, theorise that this action possibly caused her to be more colder/serious natured...though it has been shown several times that she does care for others.

To this day Toshanya is still in the freedom commando unit and trains newcomers and takes on tasks given to her either by her superiors or the royals etc. but still respects and in certain senses takes care of the soldier who impressed her...although he may act differently to her he is, and always will be, the best soldier she's ever trained.


inspirations for designs:
- Jill valentine (resident evil)
- Big Boss/Naked Snake (mgs3)
- Major ocelot (Mgs3)


Major Toshanya (c) me
pic (c) me
MGS3 (c) Konami
Resident evil (c) capcom
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i personally loved it
i thought it was hilarious and very well animated :D


Detonator {my OC}
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Greetings fellow beings of DeviantArt
I am Detonator, an eccentric/insane game planert travling nut-case.
this page is full of pictures of random and INCREDIBLY pointless things.
My creator Andrew has created many characters...but i apper to be his "top dog" exccept that i'm a hedgehog....oh well, who cares...ENJOY!

big DA friends:
they rock :) :D

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